We're a multi-day conference powerhouse.

Our design team and scene shop "imagineer" General Session will create a design that will speak to the heart of your brand! Expect excited audience feedback.

Our large inventory of fabricated sets give you the opportunity to produce one‑of‑a‑kind‑designs with a stock price tag.
(And yes, we have carpet, fascia, lecterns, stage decks, step units, etc in stock.)

Our AV team and inventory usually save clients large sums over hotel and venue bids.

Our internal logistics coordinate all our teams so you can focus on more important things like the content of your event.

Our furniture, drape, floral, props and other services cover all the hospitality events, awards dinners, galas, and more.

It's time you experienced an:


better priced...

higher quality design...

solution for your events.

One team under one roof.


It's Allstar.

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