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October 2018


We partnered with Fit4Mom to design a stage Set to reflect their conference theme: HEART & Hustle. This was for their National Conference held in San Diego with Fitness Instructors and Franchise Owners coming together from across the US.

We didn't have much space and we were working withing a specific budget. Our team built a 8'x12' Chalk Wall and our artist hand drew their conference logo as a focal point for the design. The wall was book ended with stacked Wood Planks and Hedge walls. We also draped Market Lights across the entire design to pull it all together.

This stage transitioned from their Opening General Session to their Keynote through 3 days wrapping with the Awards Night and Dance Party.

August 2018

Coronado Island Marriott

We partnered with the Coronado Island Marriott as they hosted a VIP reception during the GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) conference hosted in San Diego.

The theme was based on Anthony Bourdain’s travels and celebrated his global travel and unique ability to open our minds to new cultures and food.

To capture a more trendy organic side of San Diego, our wood plank arches were displayed on Skyline Terrace. These arches created a dramatic visual presence to this area. As the sun set on the San Diego skyline, LED lights, hanging deconstructed chandeliers and market bulb lights illuminated the area.

July 2018


In celebration of #PRIDEWEEKSANDIEGO we were commissioned to produce this gorgeous Rainbow inspired Floral Step and Repeat Wall for Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. Over 400 hand painted paper flowers were used in this creation by our Scenic Department.

San Diego Pride Week

April 2018

Manchester Grand Hyatt

We were contacted by a group to fabricate custom 3 Dimensional letters for a conference at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. These were designed and fabricated in-house by our Scenic Department and finish on location with fresh succulents.

January 2018

Historic Hotel del Coronado

This group was hosting a small intimate dinner on the Windsor Lawn at the Historic Hotel del Coronado. Our rustic wood cabanas framed the long farm tables and defined the space on the lawn. Market Lights and our drop platform with candles, tucks of moss and Edison lights illuminated the dinning area.

The client provided pashminas for warmth from the ocean breeze, which were draped on the back of the rustic chairs. The table was topped with a fresh garland of lemon leaves, fresh flowers and more candles. Marquee Lettering finished the lawn behind our live musicians.

November 2017

ASG Magazine November 2017 Issue

In this 4th issue of ASG magazine, you'll find proof that resurrection of old scenic cliches is possible. Witness actual examples of our stage designs as we push into the next gen in wow factor for our clients. Discover new methods for supercharging your sales process and move into a new era of gaining and retaining higher-end clients…

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June 2017

Large Printed Sets: How to Avoid 7 Common Pitfalls

There's no doubt that a trend has emerged. Insider's understand that it's another reflection of where the industry is going…the "branded" future.

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Meeting Hollywood's Super Men: Universal, Lionsgate, Dreamworks…

A few days ago…I can't say where this happened, but it was in an exclusive world renowned venue.

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April 2017

A Home Run Named, INBRACE

On the surface it's about braces and boring business details…

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ASG In(visibly) in the Headlines?

Is ASG really in Huffington Post?

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Even a Few Words Can Be a Blessing

If you follow business, you know Kevin Harrington. Maybe you skimmed the surface and caught Kevin on Shark Tank.

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March 2017

Are you direct?

Are you direct? Comparing the fictional & direct supplier.

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Planners, here's your secret weapon

Ask a few key questions post event and you'll find that attendees are either speaking about their belief in a client's brand or they're not.

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What's your vision?

Sometimes 'serving our client's vision' means building a 16' truss circle through the stage so entrances have impact.


Bubble Wall

Can we uniquely deliver under a price point? This entire set (center stage) was under $5K including delivery and pick up.

February, 2017

Should You Give out Your Event Budget?

All parties are respected here. (Breathe out if you were expecting a one-sided perspective). I've been in all the seats over the last 27 years: I've been the owner. I've been the consultant. I've been the client. I've been the producer. I've been the vendor and I've even been the (on-stage) talent.

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January, 2017

10 DON'T EVER's (for Vendor-Suppliers)

This list is a (very) partial list of major no-no's. Each of these DON'T EVER's are reasons we've stated (and heard our client's state) that we've/they've ended relationships with vendors.

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When you go to a 6 diamond property…

…and decide you want 30' wide x 18' tall stained wood arches with flowing Organza runners and country chic candelabras covered in beautiful floral…(we get called).

6 Diamond Property 6 Diamond Property 6 Diamond Property

BEST Case Scenario…How Rare Is it?

Is it hard to find vendors? No.

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You'll get our dedication…

…and proven results in every size of event you produce. This is in Seattle for one of our favorite clients.

Client in Seattle

Your branding fabricated…

…and finished within your budget.

Branding and fabrication Branding and fabrication Branding and fabrication Branding and fabrication

Allstar supporting the HSMAI San Diego 2017 state of the industry luncheon

We are grateful to be part of such an excellent and diverse community.

HSMAI San Diego 2017


…we'll build it.

Columns Columns Columns

A new pattern emerges…

…sleek simple scenic.

HSMAI's luncheon at The Prado HSMAI's luncheon at The Prado

Yesterday ASG sponsored HSMAI's luncheon at The Prado

San Diego's hospitality community came together in far greater numbers than usual to discuss the state of the industry.

HSMAI's luncheon at The Prado

Discovering new outdoor venues…

…on the water in San Diego (capacity 500-600 hundred) with amazing "pork centric" food. Thank you to Samantha Flood of Carnitas Snack Shack.

Carnitas Snack Shack

Avoid Planner Mistake #3

Over the last 3 decades we've been honored to have thousands and thousands of opportunities to work with a wide variety of planners nationally and locally.

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Delivering brand specific…

…in scenic downtown San Diego 2017.

SKO 2017

December 2016

All Star Group Magazine, Christmas Edition

Check out the Christmas edition of our magazine

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What's Coming… 2017 Event Trends

You see it… sense it… because you can no longer hide from the complete take over of "look and feel" aka branding.

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November 2016

A MASSIVE Success Tip for Planners

Meetings and events planners… This answer has been RIGHT under your nose all along waiting to increase the quality of your events, lower costs and improve your quality of life during the planning process.

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October 2016

Why Are So Many M&E Pro's Choosing Us?

Our 130' curvilinear screen made it's maiden voyage to the LACC last week for one of our favorite clients. Can we provide record breaking sizes for you? Yes.

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Honest People: For Your Eyes Only

Allow me to set the tone of this piece. I wrote it to suggest more of you lean on me for your production and design needs. I wrote it to generate sales.

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Are You First in Line?

This year we've been the brand centered scenic solution for AT&T, Morgan Stanley, Laserfiche, Sharp… but you don't care about that. If you're in our industry, you just want to know what's new… How you can stay ahead of the pack and be unique.

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September 2016

ASG Magazine 2016 Christmas Edition

Replace holiday event planning stress with peace of mind. If you reach out now we can still add a number of holiday events to our production schedule.

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How to Gain and Retain Higher-End Clients in 2017

Okay… I admit it. My motivation here is obvious. I hate wasting time.

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Really? Yes. Really.

So I'm ASG's growth coordinator…(who cares right?)…I mean what's in it for you? What's the point? What am I saying you might have missed?

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How to Produce Events Your Audience Remembers

All events are (largely) remembered or forgotten…true or true? You can remember SOME concerts, meetings or events you went to with perfect clarity and others are 'gone.'

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August 2016

Orange Country…I See You but I Don't

It's a promising Friday morning at our HQ in San Diego. I just came whistling down the hallway headed to my office after another great production meeting in our conference room.

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July 2016

How to Solve the #1 Problem That Planners Have

Back in 2015, Special Events magazine quoted results of a study on risk conducted by ISES (International Special Events Society) and the insurance provider HCC Specialty saying that failures by vendors and subcontractors tops the list of concerns of event professionals.

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4 Event Production DO NOT's

If you've only produced events using RENTAL inventory from various vendors DO NOT assume that custom production (hiring experts who fabricate scenic and AV solutions) has the same parameters as using rental production.

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How to Maximize Using Me (My Owner's Manual)

We tiptoe through the jungle of modern human interaction altering and adjusting our every choice to be politically correct, culturally acceptable and subservient to the false god of etiquette.

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June 2016

What Do Top M&E Planners Do Better?

We all have a tendency to stand up, click out and push our chairs back when people write articles (like this) about our colleagues (potentially) being better than us at our jobs. Am I right?

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All Star Group Wins 2016 Spectrum Award Winner

The Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service

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ASG Wins 2016 Customer Service Award

Today's morning coffee and office chit chat was about more than small details of Fortune client's sets in fabrication in our scene shop.

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Event Professionals: COMMENTARY WANTED

For those of you who've forged a career in the M&E industry, today I ask for your input…your commentary.

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May 2016

All Star Group Magazine, Premiere Issue

Check out the premiere issue of our magazine

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All Star Group Magazine, Second Issue

Check out the second issue of our magazine

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Let me start by saying this… Our team had a great experience with IMEX (Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events) last year and is looking forward to 2016.

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Why Do Great Brands Repeatedly Choose Us?

Risk. Reward. What does that mean?

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April 2016

Producing the Largest Social Media Marketing Gathering (event on earth)

Unless you are pretending the online revolution didn't happen (still), you may have noticed the social media marketing industry sector (exploding).

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Due to your overwhelmingly positive feedback, advice and suggestions, we've decided to include a link to the first edition of our ASG magazine.

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Choose Character Anyway

Let's see if we can create a little free space in our minds by looking at common excuses to be unethical.

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March 2016

What Bad Site Selection Will Do to You

If you'd like our help with the production and design of an event for at least 250 persons …Our team will help you through your site selection gratis (complimentary, free, without fee/charge).

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February 2016

How to Find Insiders (PT 3)

Don't introduce unnecessary mark ups. Insider producers have the ability to deliver from local inventories to show fiduciary responsibility. (This is necessary for all forms of budgetary review).

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How to Find Insiders (PT 2)

Insider producers must possess (under one "roof") a wealth of skills, inventory and experience in order to.

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How to Find Insiders (PT 1)

If you tell me your responsibilities include producing (successful) events…

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December 2015

Serving a 2015 Holiday Party

Business seems to overflow with opportunities to get in your own way. (To be the biggest problem your business has and be completely unaware.)

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We KNOW We Should but We Often Won't

What's the word you never want to hear? What's the last thing on your mind today? What quality are you still trying to muster the character to have ? What's anger's worst enemy?

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November 2015

Why Do Major Brands Trust Us?

They know we stretch and expand to encompass their branding, their vision and their goals.

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Can You Help Me?

Here's my first attempt at graphic design using a program you may know called Canva. I'm hoping you're not laughing (at me) as you evaluate this.

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Can Parody Drive a Point Home?

This is the shortest post I will ever write.

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October 2015

How On-Site Bridged to Online Will Explode R.O.I.

For generations we've seen the special events industry ride the roller coaster of public opinion.

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How to Choose an Event Production Team and a Surgeon and Live.

I'd been referred to a surgeon and was planning to have a major surgery…

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What Do You Mean ASG is a Creative Entity?

Last week was crazy. Just one of our productions filled 6 of our larger trucks for our client's event at the SD Convention Center.

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September 2015

Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover

People see “cop” before they even consider John Smith inside the uniform. They see a “black guy” before they see John Smith. They see “homeless guy” without considering his mother, father, upbringing, unusual circumstances, etc.

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What You Can't See CAN Hurt Your Event/Brand

What perspective does your team need to have? Are they 10,000 feet up talking about drape, screens and pillow tiles? Are they 50,000 feet up talking about 138 custom fabricated elliptical sets with digital mapping?

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August 2015

11 Ways to Choose the Right Vendor

Here are the 11 qualities we pursue in our vendors and provide when we're a vendor.

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May 2015

A Better Way?

For those of you who believe the only worthwhile pursuits are getting more stuff or getting more attention for yourselves you'll want to leave this post before you find yourselves annoyed by questions of business ethics.

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4 Keys to Scenic Success

Nailing the scenic elements in a large production proposal can create serious lifts to your bottom line.

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April 2015

Who Are You Serving?

Over a few decades of events and thousands of experiences working with nearly every level of fortune executive and U.S. official, I noticed a pattern.

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November 2014

Beatles Themed Gala for Kaiser Permanente

Fifty years ago in 1964, The Beatles embarked on their first US Tour and took America by storm.

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Walden Family Services

We had the pleasure of designing the Annual Wine D'Vine Fundraiser for Walden Family Services.

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June 2014

Museum: Senior Community Center

"Experience of a Lifetime" was a night that The ALLSTAR Group transformed the Broadway Pier into a riveting art show for the Senior Community Center (SCC) Gala Event.

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World Acceptance Corporation

ASG re-created the Grand Ole Opry set sitting almost 22 feet high! The backdrop was covered in muslin which gave us the creative freedoms to light the legendary barn in vibrant colors and be transformed for the Awards Gala event.

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February 2014

Kaiser Permanente Ground Breaking in San Diego

The ALLSTAR Group was tasked with developing a unique dimensional photo opportunity to not only act as the backdrop for TV and milestone photos but to provide an entry design into the tent where a brief presentation was to be performed.

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December 2013

Winter Nights 2013 - Westfield UTC

Every Saturday evening in December, Palm Plaza comes alive with festivities celebrating the outdoor seasonal Southern California ambiance while inspiring magical moments for shoppers to enjoy.

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Two Incredible Holiday Celebrations

Are you thinking of putting together a last minute office holiday party? Perhaps, you are considering hosting a New Year's Eve party for some friends & family.

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November 2013

Beach to Boardwalk Event

We love it when clients client come to us with big ideas that push the envelope on our creativity.

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Los Angeles Hair Show

This fall we had the privilege of producing an educational conference for an international hair care company.

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Sharp All-Staff Conference 2013

We again this year had the privilege of being a part of the Sharp All-Staff Conference.

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February 2013

Wellington Group and Mazda Hold a Super Bowl Party

At the ALLSTAR Group we love a good football game… especially the BIG game!

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November 2012

Wine D'Vine at the Grand Del Mar

It's that time of year again. The weather is getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier and all the spooky movies are hitting theaters.

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October 2012

Awards Dinner - Hotel Del Coronado

To end our week-long conference at the Del Coronado Hotel, we had our grand finale event in the crown ballroom.

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Beach Party - Hotel Del Coronado

What better backdrop than one of the top rated "best beaches in America"?

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General Session - Hotel Del Coronado

As part of our week-long conference at the Del Coronado Hotel, we built a custom stage and set for the General Session.

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September 2012

Welcome Reception - Hotel del Coronado

We recently did a week-long conference at the Hotel Del Coronado that involved many events.

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CCPOA Annual Convention in Reno

Congratulations to the California Correctional Peace Officers Association for their 55th anniversary of working the "toughest beat in the state!"

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August 2012

Lincoln Military Housing Picnic

This past July, the cowpokes over at Picnic People wrangled our services in to help create a Western themed holiday picnic for the good townsfolk over at Lincoln Military Housing.

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An All-White Party

We have seen a recent surge in parties with an "All-White" theme.

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July 2012

Multi-Level Marketing: An Inaugural Event

In the beginning of July we had the privilege of teaming with a brand new MLM company for their first ever international convention.

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ALLSTAR on the Road: Dallas

In May we traveled with one of our long time clients to the Lone Star state.

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UCSD: Mexico Moving Forward

In May we worked with UCSD for the second annual Mexico Moving Forward Symposium.

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June 2012

Bicoastal Product Launch

In April & May we had the privilege of producing two events for one of our long-standing clients to launch a new and exciting software platform for their customers and sales staff.

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Champagne and Chocolate for Scripps

What combines elegance and fun? Champagne and chocolate of course!

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May 2012

Prop Design With Bellissimo Italian Foods

Did you know about ASG's 20,000 square foot prop and rental warehouse?

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April 2012

ALLSTAR Does Weddings

Did you know ALLSTAR does weddings?

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March 2012

A 1920's Speakeasy Themed Event

The ALLSTAR Group coordinated this awesome Speakeasy themed event In January.

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"Sunny, Surfing, San Diego" with Yellowbook

At the ALLSTAR Group, we have the opportunity to work with hundreds of venues around the nation every single year.

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An Even More Spectacular Event for Our Client

At the end of January we had the chance to produce the annual conference for one of our long time clients.

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February 2012

Old Hollywood Glamour Awards Banquet

The Allstar Group has transformed another space from ordinary ballroom to a full awards banquet production!

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January 2012

San Diego County Apartment Assoc. Mark of Excellence

Earlier this month we had the privilege of being part of the San Diego County Apartment Association's annual Mark of Excellence awards.

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One of a Kind 18th Birthday Bash

For the 3rd year in a row, The Allstar Group was excited to transform an empty warehouse for another one of a kind birthday celebration!

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December 2011

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Every year, The Allstar Group has the opportunity to transform our clients holiday celebrations into something extra special.

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October 2011

Sharp Hospital Annual All-Staff Assembly

For several years we have had the privilege of partnering with Sharp Hospital here in San Diego to help produce their annual all-staff assembly.

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DJO Global – Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament and Gala

Our good friends at DJO Global tapped us again this year to help them produce their annual Golf Tournament and Gala. This event raises money every year for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation… truly a deserving cause!

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September 2011

RedMed American Sales Meeting in Dana Point

At the end of August we had the privilege of working, once again, with one of our long-time clients, ResMed on their American Sales Meeting held at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, CA.

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August 2011

California Correctional Officers Association 35th Annual Convention

This month, The ALLSTAR Group had the honor of producing CCPOA's convention and Award Dinner for the 5th year in a row!

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Harry Potter Universal Theme Park

In May we had the unique task of bringing the inspiration from the new Harry Potter Universal Theme Park into the ballroom of the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, FL.

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April 2011

UCSD 50th Anniversary Founders Day

The UCSD Founders Day Celebration featured one of the newest up and coming musical acts, Far East Movement.

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Private Bash at UCSD Scripps Forum

Allstar transforms the new UCSD Scripps Forum in La Jolla.

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