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No matter how small the detail or how great the challenge, we promise to always provide you with intelligent and trusted event solutions.

Once selected as your partner for the event, our Show Team begins preparing and negotiating all show production details such as communicating with the venue, developing custom room layouts and power, managing any union labor restrictions, supporting Keynote speaker content, developing visuals for the stage and prepare room transformations that reflect your conference message!

The AllStar Group is capable of many production services performed by its diverse team of talented staff. Below is an outline of our services we provide for our customers.

Team Services:

  • Live and or Hybrid Events and General Session Visual Design
  • Video / Audio / Lighting Design, Support and Production
  • Custom video creation (interstercials, backgrounds or opening event videos)
  • Graphics and PPT content development
  • Speaker, Celebrity and or Keynote Management
  • Branded Environments and Internet Management
  • Hospitality Event Design and Management support- Social to Gala Designs
  • CAD layouts and event renderings

Our advanced capabilities coupled with our commitment to uncompromised integrity enable us to support you with a full suite of event solutions and deliver them with flawless execution. We understand your success is on the line during every moment of your event -- so we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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