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With the growing concern of #COVID-19 travel to meetings and conferences are being paused across the globe. Understandably, organizations are re- organizing how they present information to their audiences and stay connected. We are here to help keep you engaged with your audience through our digital service offerings.

With our LIVE STREAMING SERVICE, ASG can provide both video and slides simultaneously or just slides and Audio. This can be broadcasted live or on demand.

A chat feature can also be included for two-way communication.

Seeking assistance with content development and artwork creation? We have a team that can help with that.

We’re here to help you find solutions to keep business moving forward. Working together we’ll all get through this challenging time in our communities.

What to consider when developing a valuable Virtual Meeting or Conference everyone will participate in.

Participating in your first virtual meeting can be intimidating.

There is a lot to consider from what platform to use, how to communicate with attendees and how to coordinate.

Here is a brief checklist with items to consider. Hopefully these will help you in developing the best user experience.

  • Are your presenters in multiple locations? Have you considered the best time of day to host the virtual meeting or conference? CoordinatingTime Zones will help obtain the best attendance.

  • Will you be hosting One meeting or many? How frequently will these occur? This will help you determine the bandwidth of the platform to consider.

  • Do your presenters have experience with a virtual format? Could they benefit from additional support and rehearsals? Even with our live events we rehearse prior with the presenters reviewing the content with simulated run throughs. On this occasion, it’s important that they’re also familiar with how the virtual platform functions.

  • With your visual content, have you considered that some viewers may be using a cell phone vs. their laptop. This is an important component to maximize results.

  • In regards to the presenters, discuss expectations on attire, background, lighting and sound quality. There might be additional equipment necessary and finding the ideal location with natural lighting.

  • Who will be moderating the presentation? It is too much for one person to be presenting, fielding Q &A and hosting at the same time. Consider who will be providing additional support.

  • Are there Sponsors of this virtual meeting? How will they be incorporated into the virtual meeting content and format?

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